The Waterworks

New Milford, New Jersey

The Waterworks is the redevelopment of a contaminated United Water (tri-state area utility company) treatment site. The site of 15 acres will be re-positioned with retail and multi-family uses, with architecture that will read off the neighboring historic and architecturally-rich water treatment plant. Specifically, the site will have 90,000 square feet of retail space, anchored by a 72,000 square foot Shop Rite grocer, along with 220 mid-rise residential units with associated parking. SHG has executed leases for 100% of the commercial space. The rezoning and approvals are in process with a total market value of $120 million.

Civic Responsibility

  • Significantly decreased storm water runoff from the existing site by utilizing three of the 14-acre site for on-site water retention basins
  • 3x more affordable housing than required under state law

Key Project Stats

  • 220 Units
  • 90,000 Square Feet of Retail
  • $120 Million Value