About Us

Who We Are

The S.Hekemian Group (SHG) develops high-quality, highly-finished real estate for long-term ownership. With over 90 years as one of the country’s most stable property owners and developers, our significant and highly selective portfolio includes luxury residential, office, mixed use, and retail/lifestyle, and industrial properties located in the strongest demographic areas of New Jersey, the Northeast United States, and California. We own assets both in the private form and also through the First Real Estate Investment Trust of NJ, a publicly-traded REIT (trading under the ticker symbol “FREVS”), of which the Hekemian family was a founding member.

SHG has a proven ability to execute – as evidenced by our current portfolio of complicated, mixed-use, legacy projects representing a market value of approximately $1 billion. These most recent projects demonstrate our successful track record at land-use entitlement, financing, large-scale construction, and property stabilization.

Financial Strength

SHG has a very strong financial position, based upon our significant private balance sheet, net worth, liquidity, and recurring real estate cash flow. This fiscal strength enables us to see through long and complicated land entitlement processes and ultimately get projects financed and constructed.

Existing Portfolio

SHG has ownership in an existing real estate portfolio of 3,000+ residential units, 2.5 million square feet of retail, and approximately 650,000 square feet of office that generates revenue for the company. The quality of these assets, in combination with their excellent locations, secures the stability of our ongoing cash flow.

High-End Markets

When it comes to new development, our strength and interest is in identifying markets where there’s a constrained supply of high-end product. By finding these opportunities that are tough to build, and where there’s an unmet demand, we can “create the market.”

Design Innovation

At SHG, design is a major part of our business philosophy. One of our core beliefs is that innovative design will yield better customer experiences and increased returns in intelligent markets. We believe in being smarter and more creative in all elements of design – from master planning and architecture to interior design, marketing, and green design.

Commitment to Analytics

A key focus for SHG is to ensure that all of our business decisions are heavily grounded in cost-benefit, risk-return analysis. It’s a priority that we integrate into our evaluation process for every project. We endeavor to make intelligent, risk-adjusted bets, yet always hedge the downside for business plans that don’t play out as expected.

Deep Transactional Experience

Our extensive experience with many types of creative deal structures gives SHG the ability to respond with flexibility to non-traditional, complicated project requirements – where other developers cannot. This knowledge allows us to transact and execute the range of unique development projects found in today’s complex real estate marketplace.

"Development is
an opportunity to
re-think the real estate needs of each unique market."