Montvale, New Jersey

The Shoppes at DePiero Farm – which opened September 24, 2017 – is a 225,000 square-foot, farm-inspired marketplace re-imagining the iconic 28-acre DePiero Farm. THE FARM, as it will be known, is located on the last large farm site in northern Bergen County. This market is known for its very high demographics, possessing some of highest household income levels in the state. It holds exceptionally high barriers-to-entry and is perhaps one of the most difficult markets to entitle in the country.

With a 140,000 square-foot Wegmans Food Market as its centerpiece, this project provides citizens and corporate professionals a highly-designed place to gather, shop, and dine. It will feature authentic architecture, landscape, and hardscape design inspired by the farming and equestrian heritage of the Depiero Farm and the New Jersey region. The approximate value of the project is $125 million.

Civic Responsibility

  • Cutting-edge Green Design to create a low impact on the environment, featuring the following:
    • Green, vegetative roof on the junior anchor building, which will provide insulation, reduce storm water runoff, and form a habitat for wildlife
    • Six electric vehicle charging stations spread throughout the site
    • Pervious parking lot area in excess of seven acres, to promote water absorption and filtration at the source
    • LID (Low Impact Development) methods to slow runoff and provide on-site storage, retention, and infiltration solutions
    • Walking/biking paths on site in excess of one-half mile
    • Exterior lighting designed to comply with Dark-Sky practices, intended to reduce glare, save energy, and dramatically reduce light pollution
  • Remediation of nine intersections in the municipality to better improve traffic flow
  • Assemblage of an off-site location to accommodate 32 affordable housing units, which incorporate high-end architecture, to help the municipality address its affordable housing requirements
  • Creation of a net estimated tax surplus of $750,000 per year

Key Project Stats

  • 225,000 Total Square Feet
  • $125 Million Value